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DUI Attorney in Bellevue, WA Update: New Washington Law

Hughes Robbins, P.S. Aug. 15, 2012

I read this article today in the Seattle Times about the New Washington Law for DUI Blood draw and wanted to share it.

New Washington Law for DUI Blood Draw

The Associated Press

A new law that took effect Aug. 1 in Washington allows State Patrol troopers to have blood drawn from drunken driving suspects, even if they won’t give it voluntarily.

Patrol spokesman Bob Calkins says this allows repeat drunken driving cases to be handled as felonies from the time of arrest. Felony DUI carries a 5-year sentence, versus 1-year for misdemeanor DUI.

Troopers don’t draw blood themselves, but use a medical professional. Calkins also says dispatchers have been trained to check records and let troopers know when they have stopped a felony suspect.

The Kitsap Sun reports a blood sample was taken early Sunday from a 30-year-old Port Orchard man after he was stopped for swerving in traffic. Records showed it would be his fifth DUI in 10 years.

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