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Fall weather causing accidents in Washington

Hughes Robbins, P.S. Oct. 29, 2012

Its official, fall is here. If the past few weeks are any indication, Western Washington is in store for another cold, wet winter. According to the Washington State Patrol, traffic collisions have almost doubled in the first few weeks of this fall season.

Nationwide, there are over 6,301,000 vehicle crashes each year. 24% percent of these crashes—approximately 1,511,000—are weather-related. The vast majority of most weather-related crashes happen on wet pavement and during rainfall: Seventy-five 75% percent on wet pavement and forty-seven 47% percent during rainfall. Winter conditions are another root cause of weather-related traffic accidents: Fifteen 15% percent of crashes happen during snow or sleet, thirteen 13% percent occur on icy pavement and eleven 11% percent of weather-related crashes take place on snowy or slushy pavement.

It is important for drivers to prepare themselves and their vehicles for the season ahead and to be aware of how particular conditions can impact the roadways.

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