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Feds considering dropping the dui threshold

Hughes Robbins, P.S. May 17, 2013

Federal authorities are considering recommendations that states lower the threshold presumption of alcohol impairment from .08 to .05. That’s about one drink for a woman weighing less than 120 pounds, two for a 160-pound man.

More than 100 countries have adopted the .05 alcohol content standard or lower, according to a report by the staff of the National Transportation Safety Board. In Europe, the share of traffic deaths attributable to drunken driving was reduced by more than half within 10 years after the standard was dropped, the report said.

NTSB officials said it wasn’t their intention to prevent drivers from having a glass of wine with dinner, but they acknowledged that under a threshold as low as .05 the safest thing for people who have only one or two drinks is not to drive at all.

“Our goal is to get to zero deaths because each alcohol-impaired death is preventable,” NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman said. “Alcohol-impaired deaths are not accidents, they are crimes. They can and should be prevented. The tools exist. What is needed is the will.”

It is important to be aware of changes in the law such as this. A DUI can severely impact your finances and your life. If you or anyone you know have questions about this proposed change in the law, or if you need any help with your DUI, please call Scott Robbins.