Wrongful Death

A wrongful death may be a result of an auto accident, medical malpractice or other personal injuries. If your loved one has been killed in an auto or other accident, or as a result of the neglect from a doctor, nurse or physician, you could have a strong wrongful death case.

You are taking the right first step by seeking the competent advice of a professional who can help you understand if you have a wrongful death case and what to do next. Scott Hughes has substantial expertise in wrongful death cases and has been committed to this practice area for over 15 years. Scott Hughes focuses on wrongful death cases and has helped numerous families obtain a fair and just settlement.

The first step is to set up a free consultation with Scott to discuss your situation. Together, you will decide if HUGHES | ROBBINS, P.S. is the right law firm to handle your case. If you decide to move forward, Scott will work with you from beginning to end, beginning with an evaluation to determine if you have a wrongful death case. Scott will explain every step of the process and ensure that you fully understand the best course of action.


Our attorney’s fees are on a contingency fee basis. This means our legal fees will be paid from a portion of your settlement or judgment. If there is no recovery, there is no contingent fee for any attorney’s fees.

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